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A Closer Look At The ‘WOMEN Are FOREVER’ Vintage Cheap UK Cartier Super Clone Watches Exhibition

Earlier this week, CEO of Lotus Arts de Vivre Nicki von Bueren together with Hon. Harry Fane, founder of Obsidian Objets d’Art, hosted the launch of the ‘WOMEN are FOREVER – Vintage luxury super clone Cartier Collection watches’ exhibition. Here’s a closer look at the story behind the collection, as well as a few of the very special highlight pieces.

For the first time in Thailand, ‘WOMEN are FOREVER’ explores the women’s universe at Cartier, offering an exclusive close-up look into over 34 rare vintage 1:1 UK replica Cartier women watches, curated and sought after from all around the world.

Francesca Cartier Brickell and The History of the Woman’s Wrist Super Clone Watches

In attendance at the launch of the exhibition was Francesca Cartier Brickell, a direct descendant of the Cartier family, and author of The Cartiers: The Untold Story of the Family Behind the Jewelry Empire. To an audience of starry-eyed admirers, she held an exclusive talk about the Cartier family story, vintage AAA perfect Cartier super clone watches, and how Cartier has changed and evolved through and with the times.

After all, women’s fashion has gone though a staggering amount of change since the 1900s. Considering that over the last one hundred years, electricity, telephones, and cars only just came into being, imagine the plethora of changes that came about in the world of fashion as a consequence. From long, restrictive dresses to miniskirts and leggings, women’s fashion changed drastically in comparison to its male counterparts. Nevertheless, what is perhaps most interesting in light of this exhibition, is throughout these changes, women have always worn high quality super clone watches.

It is this aspect that the ‘WOMEN are FOREVER’ Vintage Cartier Collection aims to highlight. It showcases a “microscopic view of change” in the 20th century through vintage ladies’ wrist replica watches for sale, in and through the eyes of Cartier, the most famous jeweller of the 20th century. In total, 14 extraordinary timepieces are on view, celebrating the “Golden Day” of jewellery-wearing between the 1920s and 1930s with diamond-studded pieces, over to more delicate wrist best fake watches, and everything in between. Notably, the most iconic wristwatch of the 20th century can also be viewed, the famous Cartier Crash replica watches online. Read on for a closer look at this remarkable timepiece, and a few of the other highlights you must not miss.

Replica Cartier Diamond Crash Watches, 1991

One of the most striking designs in the history of horology, the cheap copy Cartier Diamond Crash watches came into conception after Jean Jacques Cartier witnessed a crash between a London double decker bus and a black London taxi. Following this, he set his designers about the task to imagine what the top Cartier Tank super clone watches would look like had it been in a car crash. The result became one of Cartier’s most famous and enduring designs, and became a true icon of London in the Swinging Sixties.

On display at the WOMEN are FOREVER exhibition, this diamond model (including the ‘crashed’ D Buckle) is dated back to circa 1991.

Fake Cartier Diamond and Natural Pearl Lady’s Wristwatches, 1919

Anyone who is a watch collector will know that it is exceptionally rare today to find Swiss made super clone watches with off-set dials combined with an original natural pearl bracelet. This beautiful and rare timepiece features an oval open dial surrounded by rose-cut diamonds, and a dial with the traditional Swiss movements Cartier replica watches configuration, mounted on a woven, grey, natural pearl strap with a fine rose-cut diamond clasp fitting. Why the off-set dial? As tradition back in 1919 dictated, it was considered impolite for women to glance at their wrist replica watches wholesale. Thereby, an off-set dial enabled women to tell the time with a very quick and swift glimpse.

Antique Diamond Set Cocktail Super Clone Watches, 1929

When it came to designing lady’s diamond wrist replica watches shop site, Cartier saw no limit to size. From tiny and delicate to large and bold, there was a diamond wristwatch for every taste.

Nevertheless, often times the tinier the wristwatch, the greater the fascination, as the size of the mechanism within the timepiece became nothing short of a marvel. This 2021 China super clone Cartier Antique Diamond Set Cocktail Watches is particularly interesting because the case is set with square-cut diamonds (or carré diamonds) rather than round-cut diamonds. This adds a special brilliance to the timepiece, making it not only elegant, but very unique, too.

Replica Cartier Diamond and Black Onyx Set Wristwatches, 1921

This best quality fake Cartier Diamond and Black Onyx Set Wristwatches is a fine example of Cartier’s most beloved 1920s diamond set wristwatches. What stands out about this model, however, is how the setting is enhanced through black onyx corner sections. The open square dial is surrounded by rose-cut diamonds and diamond set lugs in Art Deco style, and features a silvered dial with Roman numerals and blued Breguet hands. There is also an inner minute track, or chermin de fer.

Cartier Diamond and Emerald Wrist Super Clone Watches, 1925

A true testament to Cartier’s drive to turn timepieces into jewels and jewels into timepieces, this Swiss online super clone Cartier Diamond and Emerald Wristwatches is a wonderful example of the watchmaker’s creativity. The lady’s evening watch features a rectangular diamond, black onyx, and Indian-esque pavé-set diamond shoulders. An absolutely stunning timepiece that serves as a fine example of Cartier’s creativity at its height of power in the 20th century.

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