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Dare To Dream: Troye Sivan Talks About His Relationship With UK Best Quality Cartier Super Clone Watches

With more than 6.7 billion combined global streams (and counting), Troye Sivan is the face and embodiment of his generation.

The award-winning multi-hyphenate is also among the global coterie of ambassadors of the luxury AAA super clone Pasha de Cartier watches campaign, which debuted in 2020. This illuminating tête-à-tête captures and reveals the talented South African- born artist whose audacious spirit is emblematic of the new youthquake that is shaping the present and future as they unfold before us.

As a YouTuber, singer and actor, how would you describe your different identities and how do you balance them all?

I think, for me, the driving force has always been an insatiable desire to create, no matter the format. That’s manifested itself in a few different ways over time, and keeps me really excited about my work. The through line through all of them is a love and need to process life through making stuff, and the kick I get out of sharing it.

Has your creativity helped you express your true identity?

I found almost all of my identity in creativity. When I was young, in the closet and reclusive, I’d make something as a response. Now the two are so intertwined that I don’t know who I’d be without being able to create.

How did you start your career?

I started performing locally in Perth—my school, my synagogue, etc. I started posting online when I was 12, and things grew from there.

What is the main thing you’ve learned from success and what are you most proud of?

I think the main thing I’ve learned is that there’s really no rules. Do what feels right, trust your instincts, take risks and enjoy yourself. I’m most proud when someone mentions that a song/album of mine has been the soundtrack to a particular season in their life. I love when that happens to me with music, so I’m always really honoured when it happens to someone else with mine.

Some say you’re the idol of your generation, creating your own success rather than made by a company. How did you overcome challenges, like public pressure?

Growing up in Perth, Western Australia, there was little to no entertainment industry, so I turned to the internet. I’ve since been very lucky to work with great people and companies that have been very supportive. I mostly deal with public pressure by looking inward and trying to make something that feels genuinely interesting and exciting to me.

How do you push yourself to explore new boundaries? What does #Makeyourownpath mean to you?

I try to push and better myself all the time. #Makeyourownpath means having faith and confidence in your perspective and your honesty. Working hard at what you love and making something you believe in, and the path will show itself to you.

As an influencer, what advice would you give to the Gen Z generation?

Be mindful of others online. Don’t underestimate your power. Take a day or two before responding to hate online.

What distinguishes your generation from those of the past?

I think we’re the most globally connected, and that’s a fast- tracking process. It’s not without its bumps in the road, but the opportunity to connect with people from all over the world and mobilise on the issues we care about is new and really inspiring.

Do you have a motto that you live by?

Not so much a motto, but I really lean into good relationships. Family and friends are everything to me.

Which artists have influenced you most?

Amy Winehouse was the artist that made me want to start songwriting, so I’d say her.

What are you planning next in your career?

I’ve got a few films in the pipeline that I’m very excited about— some in front of the camera work, and behind the scenes. I’d really love to write an album this year. Working in design would also be great fun for me, too. Maybe a side passion of some sort!

What was your reaction when cheap UK Cartier replica watches approached you to become an ambassador?

I was so honoured. I love the top Swiss made fake Cartier watches brand and team, and to be amongst the cast of this campaign and the campaign’s past, is really such a privilege.

What was your experience like on the Pasha de Cartier super clone watches for sale campaign shoot?

I’m such a fan of all the other cast members. They all really stand for something and have such clear voices and perspectives.

The high quality replica Pasha de Cartier watches was initially created in 1985. What do you associate with the ’80s?

I think of great music and sounds. I’m really inspired by the synth sounds of the ’80s.

The distinct design of the Swiss movements super clone Pasha de Cartier watches challenges the predominance of round shapes in watchmaking and amplifies its presence, originality and singularity. How do you relate with the watch and spirit of Pasha de Cartier copy watches online shop?

I think there’s a timelessness to the 1:1 perfect Pasha de Cartier super clone watches design that I’d love to strive for in my work. It’s classic but modern, fresh, and stands for something.

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