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Forgotten Heroes — UK Swiss Super Clone Cartier’s Drive de Cartier Online

Welcome to the first instalment of a regular series where we look at great super clone watches online that — for one reason or another — don’t get the love they deserve. These forgotten heroes typically made a big splash when they were released, but in the years since seem to have slipped in watch enthusiasts’ collective consciousness. And we’re going to try and change that. Today we’re going to explore a relatively recent release from Cartier — the UK Swiss super clone Drive de Cartier.

What we said about it

In our initial coverage of Cartier’s 2016 SIHH novelties, we were effusive about this new collection from high quality super clone Cartier, saying: “Every now and again, Cartier feels that it needs to flex its watchmaking muscle in high complications, to show that it’s not just the Swiss who can do mechanical magic. But Swiss fake Cartier’s simpler watches are also quite a class part, demonstrating the firm’s deep understanding of form and elegance. Here, Drive de Cartier replica online UK exudes a magnetic aura of power and charisma with its stout form, exquisite guilloche dial that references a motorcar’s radiator grille and crown shaped like a bolt. Eminently masculine.”

Why did it stand out?
Eminently masculine looks aside, the top Swiss fake Drive de Cartier was a big deal. Not only was it backed up with a splashy marketing campaign featuring Jake Gyllenhall, but it was also a completely new collection for the Maison, a spiritual, automotive successor to the Roadster. The luxury super clone Cartier UK plays comfortable rectangles — such as the Tank and the Santos — and has had phenomenal success with the round Ballon de Cartier. The Drive de Cartier replica for sale occupied a middle ground, with a cushion-shaped case that came in at 40mm, perfect for a men’s dress watch at the time. It was offered in a range of dial variants at release, with the time-and-date versions in steel or gold getting the most air time. There was a somewhat jumbled-looking number with a big date, second time zone and day/night indicator, as well as a flying tourbillon model.

All this was pretty par for the course for UK perfect super clone Cartier, but the real stand-out, and the reason the Drive had such a positive response from critics, was that it was explicitly made with men in mind. For 1:1 fake Cartier, which takes a very stalwart approach to incremental product design to release not just a completely new shape, but to pitch it squarely at men, was a big deal.

What happened since then
The Drive is still very much in Swiss made super clone Cartier’s collection. In the years after its release, the line received a few significant additions, namely a handsome and symmetrical moonphase, and the Extra Flat, initially launched in 2017. The Extra Flat simplifies the Drive a little, with a plainer dial and a slightly smaller case (39mm compared to 41), and brings the height down to 6.6mm, almost half that of the initial Drive de Cartier fake for sale. For my money, this is still the one to get, either in steel or in yellow gold.

Why it doesn’t get the love it deserves
First things first, the Swiss movement super clone Drive de Cartier does a lot of things right. Cartier, perhaps more than any other brand, has to be exceptionally careful introducing a new case shape to the family. And the Drive did this really well. The shape is complex and compelling, with those swelling flanks synergise exceptionally well with the dial design. Fundamentally it’s a great design. It loses some of its charm in more complex iterations, but that can be said for many (if not most) watch designs.

The real challenge the Drive faced was one of positioning, and it was a challenge cheap super clone Cartier walked into with wide-open eyes. As watch collectors or enthusiasts, it’s sometimes easy to forget the scale and scope of a brand like best fake Cartier. The Maison is primarily a jeweller that leans on heritage and skews more heavily towards women than men. As such, a new watch collection aimed squarely at men was somewhat outside of the brand’s comfort zone. This positioning certainly wasn’t accidental, as the Drive de Cartier replica watches online UK would have been intended to bring new men to the brand. The choice of shape was also a brave one too — it’s quite close to a round watch, which obviously has mass appeal, but a lot of competitors. If you’re looking for a dressy rectangular watch, high quality super clone Cartier is pretty much at the top of a very short list, but change that shape to something more circular, and it’s an exponentially more crowded field.

The final reason why the AAA quality super clone Drive de Cartier hasn’t received the same love as the other collections from Cartier has nothing to do with the product but everything to do with how it was supported. The same year the Drive was released was the year Cyrille Vigneron stepped in as CEO. Vigneron came in with a clear mission — to clarify and focus top copy Cartier’s offering. Women and heritage are key to that new focus, and Drive, a new watch made for men exclusively, is a hard fit for that narrative.

What we’d change
Sure, in an ideal world — one where we have total control over the design and implementation of Cartier’s watchmaking product — there are a few minor changes we could make. Tweak a date window here or a dial treatment there, but fundamentally the Drive de Cartier replica for men is a great watch. For the Drive to thrive, in the short term it needs oxygen in the form of active marketing support. The other thing the UK wholesale fake Drive de Cartier needs is time. Time to find its feet, and to find a fan-base. It will never be a watch to outshine the Santos or the Tank Louis Cartier, but that doesn’t mean that this handsome men’s model doesn’t deserve a space in the brand’s catalogue.

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