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Hands-On: Best UK Cartier Santos-Dumont Super Clone Watches With New Lacquer Bezel

For 2022, Cartier has released a slew of new UK luxury super clone Cartier Santos-Dumont collection watches that most people agree are objectively beautiful. While we don’t have new movements or a new case style in these products, what we do have is an interesting style statement by Cartier that offers an Art Deco-style aesthetic that corresponds to the era when products like the Santos timepiece became popular.

Cartier was responsible for helping to invent the wristwatch in the first place. This was, in part, thanks to the original high quality replica Cartier Santos watches (although it wasn’t called that at the time). The original Santos was produced for a wealthy early aviation enthusiast who needed a timepiece he could wear on his wrist (versus pluck out of his pocket). This was around the turn of the 20th century, not long after the Wright brothers introduced successful powered aviation to the world in 1903. At the time, it was not particularly chic for a man to wear round-cased perfect Cartier super clone watches (that didn’t really become popular until the early 1930s after WWI was over), and hence, the square shape of the case makes sense. I also believe the square shape of the case began as a logical means to create a way for a strap to attach to it.

While these are classified as men’s Swiss made Cartier fake watches, their sizes are a bit more petite, lending themselves to more formal attire. The size does correspond to how vintage super clone Cartier Santos-Dumont watches for sale would have been worn. The case size is 31.4mm-wide, 43.5mm lug to lug, and just 7.3mm-thick. Inside each case is a Piaget 430P-based (both Cartier and Piaget are part of the Richemont Group) mechanical movement known as the Cartier 430 MC. The very thin time-only movement is manually wound, operating at 3Hz with a power reserve of 38 hours.

The core novelty in these three 1:1 wholesale Cartier copy watches is the use of a case with lacquer elements inset to engraved channels on the metal case, along with a beautiful dial design that has a series of concentric square shapes. Still, the traditional Santos-Dumont dial is complete with a “railroad track” minutes scale and Roman numeral hour markers. The dial contrast varies from face to face, with the most contrast and legibility on the platinum model as it has a light-colored dial. Cartier has fun here with the colors, and arguably the platinum version of the new AAA super clone Cartier Santos-Dumont watches with its burgundy red (“claret-colored,” as our friends in the UK like to call it) colors is the most visually stunning.

The only non-limited edition version is the new top Cartier Santos-Dumont replica watches in steel. This model is given a two-tone black and silver-tone treatment with a black dial and a black lacquer for the case segments. Cartier did not have one of the 18k rose gold versions of the Santos-Dumont for shooting purposes, but you can see images of this variant from our previous news article (linked above) that announces this new watch collection.

Don’t miss little details such as the blue sapphire crystal or spinel crown cabochons on the steel and 18k rose gold models and the red ruby cabochon that is matched to the platinum-cased version. Of course, the matching alligator straps are comfortable, ideally color-matched, and fitted with matching metal ardillon-style pin buckles. I’m actually happy to see pin buckles used here. While they don’t always appear as high-end as a deployant clasp, they are typically much more practical and comfortable to wear, not to mention smaller in size.

As I mentioned above, the two precious metal-cased versions of these new lacquer-decorated 2022 Cartier Santos-Dumont super clone watches will be produced as a limited edition. That translates into 250 pieces for the 18k rose gold model and 150 pieces for the 950 platinum model. The steel and black version of the Cartier Santos-Dumont will not be produced in large numbers but is not part of a limited edition, which is a very good thing. Price for the 2022 lacquer-decorated fake Cartier Santos-Dumont watches shop site is €5,100 in steel, €12,000 in 18k rose gold, and €16,000 in platinum.

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