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Olivia Kim On The Elegant UK 1:1 Cartier Tank Super Clone Watches That Goes With Everything

Nordstrom’s VP of creative projects and home, Olivia Kim, on the AAA UK super clone watches she never takes off.

“I ‘m a watch fanatic and have a number of classic high quality fake watches in my collection. I’ve always bought bigger, more masculine styles, so my perfect Swiss replica Cartier Tank watches is different. It’s the smallest one I own and feels really ladylike. There’s a sense of pride that comes with supporting a brand that has become an expert in a single item.

I bought the best super clone Cartier watches online at the end of last year and have worn it every day since. Maybe it was because of Covid and having to stay home, but I wanted something that was a bit more practical. My husband and I got our wedding rings from luxury Cartier replica watches, so we have a relationship with a guy there. In typical 2020 fashion, the whole purchase was made over text.

At first I really wanted a black band, but the brown alligator band has a subtleness to the Swiss movements Cartier super clone watches; you can wear it anywhere and have it blend in. All of the things that make it feel so elegant, like its gold case and blue cabochon crown, still feel appropriately casual for when I’m dropping off my toddler at school or going to the farmers’ market. I love pairing the copy Cartier watches shop site with an ornate Simone Rocha blouse or an oversize sweater by the Row. It goes with everything, and the only time I take it off is when I’m doing the dishes. My daughter likes to wear it too. I have funny pictures of her eating pancakes with it on. It’s a timeless piece that I hope to pass along to her—there’s nothing she won’t love about it in 20 years.”

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