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Retro AAA Cartier Tank Chinoise Super Clone Watches UK Return

Cartier is not only a high-end jewelry brand with a long history, its starting point for creating watches is earlier than most brands today. For example, Cartier created the flying 1:1 UK super clone Santos de Cartier watches in 1904, which is regarded as the origin of today’s watches. One; in addition to the Santos series, there are still many works under the brand with rich qualifications, such as the Tank series with the same rectangular case as Santos, which is also one of Cartier’s early watch masterpieces.

Cartier Centennial Classic Watch

Back in the early 20th century, Louis-François Cartier, the third-generation head of the brand, decided to create a trendy watch that escaped the traditional pocket watch round shell shape and could be tied around the wrist with a strap. After the blockbuster attempt of the Santos series, the best replica Cartier Tank watches he started to develop continued the rectangular route, and at the same time added two major items such as “aligning the time scale with the strap line” and “integrating the lugs and case shape”. The new features were developed around 1917. From the records of the name of the watch and the brand, at that time, Mr. Louis Cartier was inspired by the top view of the military Tank, and then designed the straight lines on both sides of the case like the Tank track, and the crown is a bit imitating the Tank turret. The crown of the 2022 super clone Cartier Tank series watches usually adopts two shapes of bead shape or rounded corner.

Unique dial pattern of Tank watch

High quality Cartier Tank fake watches can be inherited for more than a hundred years not only because of the bold creativity of the shape of the case, but also because of the layout of the dial pattern by Cartier also incorporates the brand’s refined aesthetic qualities. For example, most of the works in this series use radial Roman numeral hour markers around the dial. , coupled with the elegant orbital minute scale, these two classic features jointly endow the Cartier Tank super clone watches for sale with two- and three-pin basic forms of durable and timeless advantages, and it is still an indispensable core design element of the series.

A glance at the evolution of Swiss movements Cartier Tank Chinoise copy watches over the past 100 years. Why is the design a hundred years ago still a big hit?

After Mr. Louis Cartier created the top Cartier Tank super clone watches, it was not officially released until the end of 1919. At that time, the number of the first batch of the brand was not large, but the market was quickly attracted by the unique shape and creativity of the watch, which achieved a good result of being sold out in a short time. . Since then, if the Tank series is divided into half a century, it can be divided into three development stages, including:

(1) The first half of the 20th century

In the first 50 years of the development of the Tank series, the brand first derived the luxury replica Cartier Tank Cintrée watches with a long rectangular case in 1921. Its case line was more slender and slightly curved, which completely enlarged the characteristic shape of the series; the following year Inspired by the shape of the lintel of an Asian temple, Cartier adds the Cartier Tank Chinoise super clone watches wholesale. The design of the upper and lower embossments of the case is perpendicular to the straight line on the side of the case, which establishes the watch’s personality of seeking differences in the same.

Then in 1928 and 1936, Cartier re-created Tank à Guichets and Tank Asymétrique (formerly known as Losange “diamond Tank”), the former was influenced by Art Deco style, and the digital display at that time was full of modern images, which inspired Cartier to design The surface is covered with a large area of ​metal, and only the unique design of the hour and minute windows is exposed; the latter is another proof of Cartier’s courage to break through the traditional constraints. The time scale on the top is rotated 30 degrees clockwise. At the same time, the brand has also changed its previous form, changing the time scale from Roman numerals to Arabic numerals, and adding a strip in the center of the upper and lower lugs to improve the stability of the strap. These two avant-garde and uninhibited Cartier Tank fake watches online site have given Cartier more creative confidence, and also established an “innovative” image for the current series of works.

(2) The second half of the 20th century

When the quartz storm swept the watch altar in the 1970s, Cartier followed the trend of the times and developed the Must de Cartier entry-level work with a quartz movement, a silver case and a gold-plated appearance. The basis for its shape is derived from Louis Cartier. Tank watch, the simple design of the dial and the double C logo used by the brand in the Must de Cartier period, reflect Cartier’s deep understanding of the flexible creative thinking of keeping pace with the times.

Then from the end of the 1980s to the mid-1990s, the best quality super clone Cartier Tank Américaine watches and the Tank Française watches came out one after another. The straight lines on both sides of the former were modified with rounded corners, and the design that Cartier first saw at that time was like an arc. Waterproof case, new folding clasp, etc., create a new era for the series; the latter has changed the habit of matching the series with leather straps and replaced it with a new metal chain strap. Cartier adopts beveled straight bars and rounded links. The chain belt seems to fit as one piece, especially the groove design on the side of the chain belt strengthens the design theme of the Tank track.

(3) Millennium to present

In modern times, Cartier developed the Tank Anglaise British Tank watch in 2012. It and the French Tank watch are both mainly equipped with chains, but the brand has more thoroughly achieved the concept of integration of streamlined lines in this work. The crown is integrated into the straight line on the right side of the case, which makes the watch look more coherent and enhances the durability of the crown.

The China replica Cartier Tank Cintrée watches reinterpreted in the 2017 CARTIER Privé series combines the craftsmanship of the Cartier Haute Horlogerie workshop, injecting the 9917 MC, a long, hollowed-out movement into the classic long rectangular case, changing the simple style of the Tank series. , instead, the complex movement with arc-shaped series and more emphasis on three-dimensional structure presents the modern appearance of the Tank series.

The Cartier Tank series, which has been standing for more than a hundred years, has been able to become popular all the way, and the unique case shape is the main reason. It is also important to look at the flexible style of the brand that actively tries to seek innovation and change in different eras. From the Chinese Tank , Diamond Tank, American Tank, French Tank, British Tank, etc., each Cartier Tank super clone watches paypal represents a unique personality, as if the inspiration is endless, Cartier always has a way to continue to evolve and extend under the same rectangular case structure Show more colorful works.

China Tank returns for the first time since 2004

The 2022 CARTIER Privé series is the third time to seek inspiration from the Tank series to create new products after works such as Tank Cintrée and Tank Asymétrique. The CARTIER Privé series is a major medium for the brand to connect the past and the present. Its creative mode is roughly reinterpreted from the selection of landmark masterpieces from Cartier’s classic antique watches. Among them, there are works that are biased towards pure re-engraving, and some are based on classic models. , combined with the spark of innovative watches inspired by contemporary advanced and complex craftsmanship. This year, the brand reappeared in front of the world through the CARTIER Privé series is the Swiss made fake Cartier Tank Chinoise watches, which belongs to one of the veterans of the series. This style will be the 100th anniversary of its advent in 2022. Therefore, Cartier has developed a retro version and a modern version of the Tank Chinoise. The watch, on the one hand, pays homage to the history of the series, but also gives the watch a new look that has never been seen before.

Combining traditional Chinese architectural style – CARTIER Privé series Tank Chinoise retro version

The retro version of the 1:1 best super clone Cartier Tank Chinoise watches closely captures the original design of the Chinese Tank watch. When Mr. Louis Cartier continued to explore the cultural styles of various countries, he was deeply attracted by the architectural style of Chinese temples. He especially observed that the temple porch has a distinctive geometric shape. structure, so he transformed the original Tank watch, especially strengthening the upper and lower lines of the case (vertical to the lugs), as if the porch structure was condensed into the watch to make people smile.

The 2022 retro-reproduced Cartier Tank Chinoise replica watches store is available in gold, rose gold and platinum models, and the case size is 39.49×29.2mm. Cartier readjusted the proportion of the case line to make it look more slender, and the crown Changed to rounded corners and then inlaid with faceted sapphires. In addition, different from the polished case design of the original in the 1920s, the 2022 Tank Chinoise Vintage Edition case is polished and brushed to help enhance the appearance. The orbital scale on the dial has been transplanted from the inner edge of the Roman numeral time scale to the outside of the dial, while the inner edge of the time scale still retains a rectangular frame, and the blue steel hands of the watch are also adjusted to a more modern shape. Sword-shaped, with the radial pattern of the dial, the design tends to be refined and refined, but at the same time, it is still full of a strong Tank Chinois signature impression. As for the inside of the watch, the 430 MC manual winding movement, the thinnest contemporary Cartier, ensures that the thickness of the watch case remains at the level of 6.09mm, making it light and elegant to wear.

The ingenious combination of traditional window lattice art and skeletonized movement – the modern version of CARTIER Privé series Tank Chinoise

The design of the modern version of Swiss cheap super clone Cartier Tank Chinoise watches focuses on highlighting the theme of Chinese style. Its case size is slightly longer than the retro version (39.5mm), but the overall shape and decoration are similar. Cartier has created gold, platinum and platinum diamond-encrusted styles respectively. , the gold model is additionally decorated with black lacquer on the upper and lower lines of the case, and the crown is set with faceted sapphire; while the platinum model has no additional lacquer finish, and the crown is changed to faceted ruby. The platinum diamond-set model is set with 161 diamonds from the top, bottom, left and right of the case to the lugs, including the crown set with a brilliant-cut diamond to show luxury.

The 9627 MC movement carried by the modern version of Tank Chinoise is again integrated with the hollowing process to reveal the three-dimensional structure of the manual winding movement. At the same time, the supporting bridges retained after the hollowing out of the movement are of special significance. It turns out that AAA top Cartier fake watches obtained the muse from the traditional Chinese window lattice. Its symmetrical shape is reminiscent of the pattern of “Huiwen Brocade”, which symbolizes good fortune, longevity and auspiciousness. The design of lines that are close to each other but cannot find the intersection point also has infinite beauty. Cartier applied red/black lacquer (gold model) and blue/red lacquer (platinum model) to the hollow bridge plate of the movement respectively, creating a more gorgeous and vivid visual experience.

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