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The Legendary UK AAA Super Clone Cartier Cheich Watches Sell For $1.1 Million USD

The legendary luxury super clone Cartier Cheich watches has just blown past its estimate of $400,000 USD to fetch a staggering hammer price of $1.1 million USD.

The best UK Cartier replica watches itself was never sold and only awarded to those who won the Dakar Rally (known at the time as the Paris–Dakar Rally) twice in a row. Only three perfect Cartier super clone watches were ever created — one in women’s sizing, one for the winner, and one for anyone else that could complete the double victory.

Won by Gaston Rahier, the “little man with the giant reputation,” he would become the only one to own this coveted prize, as in 1986, a year after Rahier’s second win, Dakar founder Thierry Sabine was killed in a helicopter crash — ending the Cartier Challenge aspect of the race.

Provenance aside, the high quality Cartier copy watches itself is truly unique. The case shape takes on Dakar’s logo of a Tuareg tribesman wearing the cheich. It is also constructed out of three different types of 18k golds — white, yellow, and rose. While the one million dollar mark has been hit by several 1:1 cheap Cartier fake watches at auction houses as of late, ask any discerning watch collection and they would gladly take the chance to trade their prized watch with this one. It is truly remarkable super clone Cartier watches for sale and is museum-worthy.

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